Government Liaison

Navigating visa and securing government approvals

About Us

BUH Consulting’s core focus is to provide custom, tailored solutions to our clients throughout their business venture in the United Arab Emirates. Our company is able to assist in all matters within UAE from A to Z internally and through key partners.

Through partnerships with trusted partners in United Arab Emirates, BUH Consulting is able to offer
additional services such as, accounting, auditing, company liquidation, market research, and country representation.

In addition to traditional areas of practice, BUH Consulting also aims to offer advice, products and services to their clients in FinTech, Immigration and Offshore Banking. The company works closely with international partners in order to bring exclusive offers for their clients.

Our Vision

To close the gap in conducting business between the East and the West by providing customized solutions to avoid costly pitfalls. Business planning and partnerships are challenging and require experience and strong relationships in the cooper sector.

The pride of BUH Consulting is guiding you to the right people with promising success.

Utilizing diverse experience from Canada, the US, Europe, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, BUH Consulting understands the importance of respecting international business environments to ensure a successful expansion to the UAE.

Who We Are

BUH Consulting is a multi-specialty firm based in the United Arab Emirates with exclusive partnerships with key leaders across numerous industries to support its clients. BUH Consulting has an in-depth understanding of major industry sectors through top-tier partnerships.

BUH Consulting provides simple solutions to the most common, yet difficult situations in UAE and Worldwide.

Get in touch for financial, corporate services, immigration and legal support.